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Velázquez at the Grand Palais, Paris

Returning from Madrid in 1865, Manet asked Baudelaire why anyone bothered trying to paint because, next to Velázquez, “the greatest painter there ever was”, all others “seem completely like fakers”.

A Beautiful Animated Adaptation of Bukowski’s Poem “Bluebird”

Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Bluebird,” originally published in his 1992 anthology The Last Night of the Earth Poems (public library), is a quietly profound meditation on an all too familiar facet of the human condition — our compulsion to conceal and stifle our most tender and vulnerable selves underneath tough, controlled, meticulously architected exteriors.


David the Dreamer: His Book of Dreams

“The earth is heavy and opaque without dreams,” Anaïs Nin wrote in her diary before our nocturnal fancies became the subject of science — an inquiry catalyzed by the publication of Freud’s seminal 1900 book The Interpretation of Dreams, which the legendary psychoanalyst considered in part his “own self-analysis” and in which he declared that “the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”


Trailer de animação do “Pequeno Príncipe”

Se você também é um daqueles apaixonados pela obra de Antoine Saint-Exupéry, vai vibrar com esse trailer. Liberado hoje pela Paramount Pictures da França, o trailer de “O Pequeno Príncipe” mostra as primeiras imagens da adaptação para os cinemas desse clássico infantil.


Pablo Neruda’s Extraordinary Life

Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda was not only one of the greatest poets in human history, but also a man of extraordinary insight into the human spirit — take, for instance, his remarkable reflection on what a childhood encounter taught him about why we make art, quite possibly the most beautiful metaphor for the creative impulse ever committed to paper.

The 10 greatest changes of the past 1,000 years

In Europe, the last millennium has been shaped by successive waves of change, but which shifts, in which centuries, have really shaped the modern world? Historian Ian Mortimer identifies the 10 leading drivers of change.

Pintura oculta de Picasso

Uma equipe de cientistas e especialistas em arte descobriu uma pintura oculta sob uma das primeiras obras-primas de Pablo Picasso, “O quarto azul”, de 1901, da melancólica fase azul do pintor espanhol, quando ele vivia em Paris.